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Build Your Florida Dream Home with Palmwood Construction...

With over 57 years of experience, Palmwood Construction's mission is to create custom homes with excellence, while serving and leading the community with integrity. Customers and business partners attest to Palmwood's unique legacy that bears out in a distinct way of doing business which guarantees success and satisfaction.

Excellence in Our Craft

The Palmwood name has become known for superior workmanship. Every home is beautifully designed and well-built, to create for you a home that is not just stunning but solid. We're not just building houses, we're building homes.

Quality goes beyond the surface into every detail of construction, leading to a product that is superior. We don't cut corners. Time attests to these standards, for Palmwood homes are proven to hold their value, guaranteeing a trustworthy and lasting investment.

Producing Award-winning homes year after year gives credit to the fact that unforgettable designs are a Palmwood trademark. From starter homes, to stilt, or palatial estates, our designs push the limit of creativity and aesthetic beauty. With a Designer on staff, we're always striving to outdo ourselves through cutting-edge designs and new ways to make a more remarkable home.

Palmwood Construction is known as the Nature Coast originator of the breathtaking Cabana Courtyard line of homes, one of our signature designs. Our commitment to excellence from foundation to finish ensures that Palmwood will deliver a product of lasting, exceptional value for you and your family.